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Private Equity


We manage a value-oriented private equity portfolio constructed to provide diversification by sector, investment strategy, geography, private equity fund manager, and vintage year. Our strategy offers investors the ability to invest alongside the DuPont Pension Trust.

We believe we are experts in the areas we choose to invest and allocate to the following strategies: Leveraged Buyout, Special Situations, Venture Capital, and Private Credit.

We believe the best opportunities exist in areas of the market that are most inefficient. We allocate to private equity funds that invest in small to mid-sized companies. We primarily invest in funds under $1.25 billion.


By investing with DuPont Capital, you enjoy the benefits of being a large-scale investor, regardless of the size of your investment.

-Significant Presence in Private Equity
-Access to Premier Funds
-Experienced Team
-Natural Alignment of Interests
-Niche Focus

Private Equity

Assets Under Management:

$1.9 Billion

Strategy Inception:

January 1993

Relevant Information:
Private Equity 4Q 2020 Fact Sheet

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