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Merger Arbitrage


DuPont Capital focuses on exploiting asset class specific risk premia they have identified though their differentiated research and insights. Within Merger Arbitrage, the firms finds that traditional market participants focus on individual deal risk in M&A transactions, underestimating the consistency and annualized return profile of a diversified portfolio of definitive M&A deals.


DuPont Capital seeks to build a portfolio of pending mergers that will generate a stable and consistent source of absolute return with low volatility and minimal correlation to broader equity and fixed income markets. The team follows a rigorous research process to identify a diversified set of global merger arbitrage opportunities with a specific focus on definitive transactions.

Merger Arbitrage

Assets Under Management:

$254 million

Strategy Inception:

June 1, 2015

Relevant Information:
Merger Arbitrage 1Q2021 Fact Sheet Equity Outlook 1Q21- Merger Arbitrage

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Portfolio Management

Harris R. Arch, CFA

Portfolio Manager and Senior Equity Analyst

Daniel A. Moore, CFA

Portfolio Manager and Senior Credit Analyst