At DuPont Capital, we believe share prices follow business fundamentals in the long run. However, chronic short-term thinking and behavioral biases can cause share prices to deviate from the fundamental value of a company. This creates investment opportunities for active managers.

We have found that different asset classes have different return drivers and factor sensitivities. We do not believe in a global ‘one size fits all’ approach, and prefer to focus on harvesting the specific risk premia we have identified through our differentiated research and insights.

We operate in an increasingly interconnected world characterized by rapid and disruptive innovation. We believe investment opportunities arise when the market misjudges the trade-off between valuation, quality, growth opportunity, agents of change, and company risk.

We believe a disciplined investment process coupled with a long-term investment horizon allows us to look past the transitory noise and volatility caused by short-term news flow and market sentiment to deliver better and more consistent risk-adjusted returns.

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