Our History

DuPont Capital Management is an SEC registered investment advisor based in Wilmington, Delaware. Since the firm’s establishment in 1993, we’ve had a long history of developing global investment opportunities in both traditional and alternative strategies across equity, fixed income, and alternative investments. Our investment team structure gives us the ability to be flexible and adapt to changing markets conditions. DuPont Capital’s focus is delivering consistent investment management results for our clients.  Our history of institutional asset management is rooted back to 1942 when our former parent company, DuPont, established a pension plan for its employees. Corteva Inc. succeeded DuPont as sponsor of the DuPont Pension Plan in 2019.  DuPont Capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Corteva and continues to manage the legacy DuPont Pension Plan.

DuPont Capital’s President and CEO, Valerie Sill believes in education and diversity of experience as represented in our investment teams which are comprised of PhDs, engineers, medical doctors, and scientists.  We believe their global expertise creates a portfolio implementation edge that benefits our clients.