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Lode J. Devlaminck

Managing Director, Global Equities

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Lode J. Devlaminck, Managing Director, Global Equities, is the lead portfolio manager for the firm’s EAFE and Global Equity strategies and is also a portfolio manager on Emerging Markets Equity strategy. Prior to joining DuPont Capital in 2014, Mr. Devlaminck was a Senior Portfolio Manager and Sector Specialist of Global Equities at Hermes Fund Managers in Boston, Massachusetts; a Portfolio Manager at Fortis Investments in Boston, Massachusetts; a Global Sector Manager at Fimagest in Paris, France; and a Financial Analyst at Generale Bank in Brussels, Belgium. Mr. Devlaminck joined the investment industry in 1989.

Mr. Devlaminck holds a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from the University of Antwerp, in Antwerp, Belgium. Mr. Devlaminck is fluent in three languages: English, Dutch, and French.