Our History

DuPont Capital has a long history of institutional asset management. Our parent company, DuPont, established a retirement pension plan for employees in 1942 and in 1975 created a separate pension management division. In 1993, DuPont Capital was established and became an SEC registered investment management firm. DuPont Capital shares our parent company’s history of innovation and, over the years, has been on the forefront of global investment opportunities in developing both traditional and alternative strategies across equity, fixed income and alternative investments.

Today, we offer investment management services and global perspective to institutional investors. From knowing the importance of consistent better than market performance to making skilled use of asset allocation strategies and more, we approach our work through the eyes of the manager and those of the client.

We are proud to be part of one of the world’s most respected and oldest corporations. Our size, use of technology, and compensation structure allow us to operate as a responsive, entrepreneurial investment management organization. We take pride in delivering client-specific services to satisfy individual investment needs. Our parent has long placed a strong emphasis on ethics; a trait we share. We believe that every client deserves to be treated fairly and honestly, and want to ensure that our clients have complete trust in both our investment management acumen and our integrity.